Hiring New Salespeople (While Keeping Up With Business as Usual)

Like most things in life, hiring sales talent is a matter of timing. Especially since the best candidates with strong sales skills are usually snatched up within 10 days.

Unfortunately, you generally need skilled talent more than they need you. Add to that the dramatic pace of business, and it can be very difficult to put the right people in place.

That’s why it’s critical to overcome indecision and move quickly when recruiting sales talent.

In this article, we’re going to help you do just that by showing you 5 ways you can overcome analysis paralysis and get the right talent where and when it’s needed.

Business Moves at the Speed of Light

If you’re in a position to fill a sales role, you’re likely already feeling the pressure, because your revenue targets are built on the assumption that your team is fully staffed.

Essentially, achieving your goals is only possible with a full roster of sales reps who know their territories and are ramped to full productivity. Any empty seats erode your ability to hit those targets.

How are you supposed to juggle filling a role quickly, hiring for the right talent, and completing your day-to-day tasks?


Step 1: Make sure your organization is a place where good talent wants to work. Good talent is less likely to join an organization that isn’t set up for success.

Examine what factors are causing open territories in the first place.

  • Is it unrealistic sales quotas?
  • Is the territory just not capable of achieving that quota? Is compensation too low?
  • Is it a lack of leadership?

These factors can quickly derail a sales team.


Step 2: Make sure your own high standards aren’t getting in the way of your hiring process.

If you’re delayed in making a decision, start by asking yourself why you’re having trouble finding talent.

Source - Read More at: www.saleshacker.com