Hiring Future Leaders: 3 Ways Financial Services Organizations Can Achieve Diversity Today and Cultivate the Leaders of Tomorrow

With Women’s History Month behind us, we have paid tribute to the many women leaders across politics, science, and the arts that have shaped our world today. And a crucial part of preserving their legacy is positioning the next generation of women to be leaders who build on their progress. As a woman who has been in financial services for more than two decades, I believe we must commit to cultivating the next generation of leaders. This is particularly true, given the systemic lack of diversity in early STEM education and STEM careers.

The financial industry has long attracted top STEM talent and is well positioned to lead the charge in cultivating future STEM leaders by actively and intentionally promoting diversity. Here are three goals organizations can set and achieve that will propel this important evolution and nurture the next generation:

Goal 1: Create hiring and work procedures that put diversity at the center of your organization

Financial services firms must make clear efforts to create environment that are flexible and attractive for today’s diverse workforce. Millennials, and those representing Generation Z, are now entering the workforce and do not see strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and robust D&I initiatives as a “nice to have,” but as a basic requirement for employers they wish to consider.

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