Hiring During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way businesses function, and the hiring process is no exception. 

Whether your company is creating new positions or filling existing slots, recruitment and hiring are going to look a lot different than they have in the past. For starters, the mindset of both recruiters and potential candidates has shifted tremendously over the course of 2020. 

It’s important to note that with past mass layoffs and so much general uncertainty in the world, any change in a candidate’s employment—even if they are currently unemployed or will improve their circumstances with a new position—is a big change. 

And hiring managers recruiting during the public health crisis should be prepared to answer some difficult questions about why a potential candidate should come to work for you. What’s your company’s unique selling proposition? How has business shifted during the pandemic? How do you expect things to change and stay the same once things start to normalize? 

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