Hedge Fund vs Private Equity: Careers, Salaries, and Exit Opportunities

The “hedge fund vs private equity” question could refer to many things:

  • Investment vehicles – If you’re wealthy, should you invest in hedge funds or private equity funds? Also, how do they invest, and how do they charge fees?
  • Exit opportunities – If you’re currently in investment banking, sales & trading, or equity research, which one is best for the next step in your career?
  • Long-term careers – What are the trade-offs in terms of day-to-day work, advancement, and salaries, and will these industries be around for the next few decades?

Around 90% of the articles I found addressed point #1, often copying and pasting the same text to do so, while completely ignoring points #2 and #3.

But we don’t use $5-per-hour writers in 3rd world countries on this site, so I’m going to explain the differences and focus on hedge funds and private equity as careers:

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