Getting the Most Out of Your Recruitment Partner

There are many reasons why a business may choose to use a recruitment agency to help fill their vacancies, whether that’s to save on time, resources, or the cost to the business of not having someone in the role. Whatever the reason, if you are paying to use one, make sure that you’re getting proper value for your money.

If you haven’t used an agency before, or perhaps used a very bad one, you may be mistaken into  thinking you’re just going to receive a bunch of CVs in your inbox and be left to chase the recruiter to help get candidates across the line. At one agency where I previously worked, there was a recruiter who said their approach was “throw enough shit, see what sticks.” They were in fact let go after revealing this nugget of wisdom in front of the Regional Director. You can, and should in fact, expect a lot more than this, and below are some of the most valuable resources you can reasonably ask for when engaging a recruiter.

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