Former GE CEO Jack Welch says leaders have 5 basic traits — and only 2 can be taught

For some people, the question of whether leaders are born or made is truly intellectual — fodder for a good classroom or dinner party debate.

But for people in front-line positions to hire, promote, and fire, the question, “Who has the right stuff to lead?” definitely has more urgency.

Getting the answer right can drive an organization’s culture and performance to new levels. Getting it wrong can too — downwards.

So what’s the answer? Of course, since we’re talking about real life here, it isn’t neat or simple. The facts are, some leadership traits are inborn, and they’re big whoppers. They matter a lot.


On the other hand, two key leadership traits can be developed with training and experience — in fact, they need to be.

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The age old question, weather stellar leaders can be created or if they are born, answered by the one and only, Jack Welch.  


Most people have strength in some areas and weaknesses in others. 


Can you guess which 2 critical characteristics can and should be focused on to grow your leadership abilities, taking you from a good leader,  to a great leader?