Flexible working and finance: an unseized opportunity?

Flexibility is driving change across businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors – with both young start-ups and more established, traditional financial firms set to reap the benefits. A fixed ‘nine to five’day at an uninspiring desk is becoming a thing of the past. However, workplace flexibility runs much deeper than this: it is about meeting increasing employee demands for ownership of their working day, alongside providing a business with the freedom to be able to react and adapt to change. In light of Brexit, wider macro-economic uncertainty and new challenger entrants, coupled with the intensifying ‘war for talent’, this two-pronged flexibility will prove crucial for even the most traditional firms.

Organic Growth

The financial services sector faces uncertain yet exciting territory ahead. Firms of all sizes need to have the tools to adapt, expand or contract swiftly – within days rather than months. The straight-jacket of a five- or ten-year conventional lease clearly restricts the ability to respond to uncertain political events and navigate through the ever-changing global economy. A flexible solution, with a term of 12-36 months and the ability increase or reduce the amount of space occupied during the period, offers freedom to respond quickly to market conditions and gain the edge over a challenger or competitor. The benefits of this flexibility cannot be underestimated.

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