Five ways to boost employee engagement

Employers have never had to compete with so many distractions as they do now. In fact, it is estimated that each and every person is exposed to between 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day. People are so good at sourcing and consuming content that we are becoming information obese. The content overload is real, and people struggle to apply it, to the point it is distracting people’s lives. That’s a lot of noise for employers to compete against to keep their people focused, engaged and on the task at work. Although it has never been harder to maintain engagement it’s also never been more important with employers needing to make sure every employee is achieving their goals.

Businesses cannot afford employee disengagement
Lack of motivation and satisfaction can cost organisations millions of dollars a year due to lost productivity, high staff turnover rates and low business performance. It’s critical that HR teams effectively manage workplace culture and practice to encourage employees to be more engaged and productive. Organisations with enthusiastic teams tend to perform strongly, managers are respected by staff and are on average 21 per cent more profitable.

In the age of COVID-19 and work from home, employee engagement has never been trickier to achieve, yet more critical for business success. The recent economic downturn highlights why businesses must ensure their employees are treated as their most valuable assets. Good business leaders have leveraged the individual strength of people to make the change to remote working successful that people became productive creatively. It is only with a committed and loyal workforce that firms stand a chance against disruption and can emerge unscathed into the post-pandemic world.

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