Five golden rules for sales success in the new world

For many, it remains unclear what needs to happen to successfully address the selling challenges brought on by Covid-19.

To put it bluntly, selling is more competitive than ever and it is now imperative the modern sales team makes use of every tool at their disposal to rebuild their sales funnel and help drive business recovery. So, what makes a seller successful? Mike Shea, VP Sales, Eastern U.S at Upland Software offers some golden rules used to guide successful sellers before the pandemic, and continue to be true even in a severely disrupted world.

Here are five elements successful sales teams have tried and tested across the history of selling:

Focus on what matters

The pandemic has certainly forced all of us to re-examine existing assumptions and traditional ways of working, but some of the golden rules remain the same: in order to keep closing deals, you must know your customer and strengthen your partnership with them.

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