Finding the next generation of CFOs

When we predict the future of the C-suite, the chief financial officer (CFO) looks set to be pivotal. In this choppy economic world with workforce and investment priorities ever-changing, their brief may even become more influential, and more powerful, than that of the chief executive.

But many believe not enough is being done to find and equip the best new talent for this critical boardroom position. In a survey for ACCA, the global body for professional accountants, 45 per cent of those questioned believed insufficient attention was being paid to developing the skillsets of next-generation CFOs. 

Others question how important traditional accounting should be when elements, such as innovation and change, cybersecurity, environmental, social and governance issues, and cryptocurrency, may all have increasing importance. The need to offer the whole business insight into granular data could even push the CFO more into the sphere of a chief information officer.

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