Finding and Optimising Top Talent in the Finance Sector

Approaches to HR planning has changed significantly, and they will continue to do so. Amongst the many impacts Covid-19 has had, it’s proved that remote working is not only possible for the banking sector, but that in the right circumstances it can be more productive than traditional working models. This will create significant demand amongst the talent market for a continuation, and has of course forced businesses to change their approaches to how they think about things like the geographies in which they recruit from and how they retain top talent.

Struggling to identify top talent?

Highly talented staff are like gold dust. So in the high pressure world of finance and banking, we know that your organisation will be keen to find them, nurture their potential, and keep them with you through dedicated development programmes and heightened access to opportunities. But how do you identify your high potential talent in a robust, evidential and non-biased way in the first place? 

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