Finding a Job (During a Pandemic)

Finding a job, the right job can take time and it can be quite hard. During the pandemic that challenge has become exponentially harder for many people. This DIGEST examines the challenges of finding a job during this difficult time with some practical advice.

You Are Not Alone

No matter if you are a new entrant into the workforce or a seasoned senior executive, roles at all levels in many industries and right around the world have been impacted.

Governments are working hard to establish incentives and reboot the economy, getting jobs going again. But if you have recently lost your job all that uncertainty about what life and business is going to look like can make it easy to become overwhelmed.

You may end up feeling that this is the worst time to job search, or that there aren’t even any jobs for the taking.  As an executive the feeling maybe exacerbated – who is going to hire a senior person right now?

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