Financial Recruitment Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Staying up to date with the latest financial recruitment trends and leveraging new technologies is crucial — both for job searching and the hiring process.

The finance and accounting sector has been going through some significant changes lately. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the key finance trends we can expect to affect the recruitment industry over the coming year…

  1. Rising salaries

A lack of pay rises has been a familiar theme for many accountants and financial controllers in recent years. Salaries can vary greatly depending on candidates’ qualifications. However, we’re now seeing many candidates receive multiple offers where top talent has been at a premium, which in turn pushes the salaries bandings up.

Through 2020, we can also expect a lift in salaries for accounting and finance roles across a variety of markets. This is largely due to sustainable levels of growth and heightened employer confidence. For further details on salary trends within commerce and industry across the South East, download our 2020/21 Salary Survey.

  1. Updating new business recruitment strategies

In the past, newly established businesses have been slow to hire their heads of finance and financial controllers — preventing them from reaching their growth goals. However, these types of companies are now starting to realize the value of hiring strong accounting and finance professionals early on in the venture.

By taking a proactive approach to their recruitment strategy, founders can hope to build a strong financial backbone. This tactic will help them to meet their revenue targets and stay on top of technical accounting challenges.

  1. Bridging the talent gap

Competition is rife for skilled accounting and finance professionals. However, despite high demand, many companies are struggling to fill vacant roles due to growing skills shortages and a lack of suitable applicants.

Advances in technology are changing the requirements of finance and accounting jobs. Now, candidates need to be able to do more than just crunch numbers. They need diverse business and technology experience, as well as a range of soft skills.

To address these skills shortages, organizations will need to rethink their recruitment process to tap into new talent pools filled with strong, technically skilled candidates.

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