Experts bust the biggest CV myths – and reveal what the perfect resume looks like

Employment experts have revealed the biggest myths surrounding resumes – and what the perfect CV really looks like.

While many think that tailored resumes and clean social media profiles are extremely important, recruiters found this might not be the case.  

Employment website Seek surveyed 4,800 people to expose the five biggest CV myths to be aware of before you submit your next job application.

So what are they?


Myth one: The longer your CV, the better


Experts say the top commonly-held myth is the more information you add into a resume the better – even if it makes it far longer.

Career coach Leah Lambart from Relaunch Me said most employers prefer resumes at a length of between one or two pages.


‘Highlight your transferable skills, a snapshot of your experience in a table format and then details for two or three of your most relevant positions,’ she told Seek.


One examples of briefly highlighting your skills is through bullet points and targeted information.


‘Avoid a scatter gun approach that has you sending off generic CVs for roles that barely fit your credentials,’ workplace expert Karen Gately told FEMAIL.


Karen explained that you’re better off using fewer words and having more impact with those words.

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