Executive Assistants…the Secret Weapon of Highly Productive Executives!

Executive assistants play an important role in any company’s hierarchy and are often considered as the right-hand for highly productive corporate executives. An efficient executive assistant manages a range of duties and is responsible for various tasks as well as providing high-level administrative support to the company’s top executives.

An executive assistant handling paperwork while sitting at her desk

A good executive assistant can be a valuable asset for the organization and can substantially enhance the productivity of corporate executives. Here are 3 of the most common ways an executive assistant can help corporate executives excel at their positions:


They Tackle Mundane Administrative Tasks

Much of an executive’s day is consumed with mundane tasks such as preparing reports, answering phone calls, preparing meeting documents, responding to emails and other corporate communications.

Having a trusted EA that the manager is comfortable handing these responsibilities over to is quite literally worth its weight in gold. This frees up the managers time to focus on ‘big picture’ tasks and strategy sessions.

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They Take Over Time-Consuming Organizing and Scheduling

Organizing and scheduling various tasks, making travel arrangements and coordinating meetings can take up a huge chunk of time every day for corporate executives. Delegating these tasks to an efficient executive assistant makes a lot of sense and results in freeing up the executives time for higher level projects.

A top executive explaining job details to an executive assistant

They Manage Relationships with Clients and Personnel

Fostering good relationships, both outside and inside the company, is an essential part of a corporate executive’s duties and responsibilities. Having a skilled Executive Assistant that can work as an extension of the executive, fostering working relationships with key personnel and clients is a tremendous asset. Time spent nurturing and maintaining positive relationships with clients and other employees is time always well spent, and having an EA amplify those efforts provides a tremendous ROI.

Executive assistants can often times help overcome communication gaps and answer and direct important queries to ensure healthy relationships between top executives and other stakeholders of the company.


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