Everything Can Use “BlockChain”

Blockchain has come to us from all aspects and become an indispensable part of our life. How much do you know about the application of blockchain? Do you know all these familiar applications about blockchain? Maybe you have heard about the application of blockchain. Today Jarvis+ will take you to review the details of blockchain in our life.

Alipay’s “public interest in chains”

Ant blockchain, together with Alibaba public welfare, launched the public welfare plan on the chain, applied the blockchain technology to the public welfare, realized that the donation can be linked, the process can be stored, the information can be traced, and the feedback can be reached, so as to create a credible and transparent public welfare.

Recently, have you found that in Alipay’s “public welfare” mini program, you can check every donation on the platform, and even look at the letter of gratitude written by the children in the mountain area. Based on ant blockchain’s public welfare plan on the chain, it has gradually realized the whole process of tracking each donation from donation to recipient’s collection. After that, it’s as simple as checking express to check the whereabouts of each donation, which is an important step for ant blockchain to promote the transparency of public welfare.


Today, with the development of 3D printing technology, it is not difficult to copy a certificate with fine workmanship, which makes it difficult to prove your identity.

Microsoft, Tencent and Ethereum have all developed corresponding applications to store the data of entity ID on the blockchain. Users scan their own identity documents with their mobile phones. The application will encrypt the document information and save it in the user’s local area, and save the data fingerprint to the blockchain. The data fingerprint on the blockchain is controlled by a private key. Only the user who holds the private key has the right to modify it, otherwise no one has the right to modify it. At the same time, in order to prevent users from stealing other people’s identity documents to scan and upload, the application also allows banks and other institutions to endorse the user’s identity to ensure the authenticity.

Financial Service

Financial services is one of the earliest application areas of blockchain, and also one of the areas with the largest number of blockchain applications and the highest popularity. Blockchain has become one of the important technologies for many financial institutions to compete for new financial technology.
Now, almost all banks are exploring blockchain technology and application, and have made substantial application achievements in financial fraud prevention, asset custody transactions, financial audit, cross-border payment, reconciliation and settlement, supply chain finance and insurance claims settlement, to a certain extent, promoting the resolution of the complex credit verification, high cost, long process in previous financial services Data transmission error and other problems. At present, there are some typical cases in the field of financial services, such as the inter agency reconciliation platform based on the blockchain, the difference account checking system, and the cross-border direct link clearing business system transformed by the blockchain technology.

Public Service

With the development of economy and society, the scale and scope of public service are expanding, and its influence is growing day by day. High quality government service oriented by public demand will be an important direction for the development of public service in the future. At present, the government has begun to promote the “blockchain + government” service and achieved positive results.
Through blockchain, government departments have effectively solved the problem of “information island”. By using blockchain technology, data sharing among governments at all levels and departments can be realized, which is conducive to improving work efficiency, reducing administrative costs and bringing better government service experience to the public.In addition, for the immature protection of intellectual property rights in China, blockchain technology is gradually embedded in the creation platform and tools, using its anti forgery and anti tamper features, objectively recording the creation information of works, providing copyright certificates for massive works at low cost and high efficiency. On this basis, it can also support copyright capitalization and rapid transaction to help solve the huge number of works The problems of confirming, authorizing and safeguarding the rights of digital works with large and high circulation frequency.

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