Employees who feel like they belong are more productive workers

An ideal employee may be a tech hirer’s unicorn, but recent research from mobile coaching company BetterUp shows employees who feel a strong affinity of workplace belonging perform better, are less likely to leave, and take fewer sick days. 

When a company fails to foster a sense of belonging, and employees feel excluded, productivity suffers, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars lost, the study postulates. As a response, BetterUp promotes interventional, transitional, behavioral change within a company, which it alleges will prevent or alleviate the feelings of exclusion. The research also shows interventions can often prevent or alleviate feelings of exclusion, thus building a more productive work environment.

Companies should "practice inclusive leadership" and "equitable team behaviors" and be wary of workplace exclusions, said Gabriella Kellerman, chief innovation officer for BetterUp. If an exclusion has been identified, managers should ask employees about the experience and ask how they are coping. 

She said, "Workplace exclusion can happen unintentionally, so the first step is to create awareness of the detrimental impact that exclusion has on both employees and employers. Getting ahead of the problem by instilling organizational values and behaviors that support a culture of inclusion, mentorship, and allyship early on can help prevent the problem from the beginning."

Source - Read More at: www.techrepublic.com

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