Employees Leave Bosses, Not Companies

All of us have heard this statement at some point, and it turns out to be true. A recent Gallup survey showed that just over 50% of employees who have quit their job have done so to get away from their bosses. Another study, concluded in 2016, put the number right at 75%. That’s a lot.

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Intriguing data suggests that between 50% and 75% of  people that quit their jobs, choose to leave their position  primarily because of their direct supervisor.  


People are not choosing to quit because of the company product or services, corporate culture, , not because of  their comp plan, lack of career path, poor benefit package, not because of their work environment, not the commute, travel schedule, but overwhelming, the number one reason people choose to jump ship, is specifically, because of their boss.   


If you are in a leadership role, this is valuable information.


Read on to learn the top 5 behaviors that supervisors had in common, that employees consistently  cite for choosing to resign.