Effective leadership skills: why would you want to be a leader?

Leadership is a tough gig.   Taking up a leadership position is one of the toughest roles we can choose but many of us enter into it without giving much thought to whether we truly want or understand all that comes with it.

For some of us, leading comes naturally. For most, however, it takes significant effort and focus – even under the best of conditions. This is because leading people and organisations is not easy.  People are for the most part, unpredictable and ambiguous. Organisations have to evolve, adapt and deal with change on a daily basis. As a result, leaderships is complex, can be frustrating, is undeniably time-consuming and places us under the glare of a continuous spotlight.

Leadership really has nothing to do with the title or position you hold. Leadership is about action, about what you do, or just as importantly, what you don’t do. 

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