Don’t Oversell Yourself: 6 Interview Tips for Account Executives

As a salesperson, you have a knack for inspiring confidence, especially with customers or even with colleagues. But sometimes that confidence may be misinterpreted while interviewing for a new job. If you have ever struggled with what to say during an interview so that you don’t oversell your experience, you’re not alone. The key to advancing in the recruitment process is learning how to highlight your strengths thoughtfully.


If you want to ace your next medical device sales interview, here are six ways you can stand out from other candidates for all the right reasons.


 1. Use your research skills.

It is likely you are excellent at digging into data and doing your research about a potential new customer before meeting with them. Put that strength to use when entering a job interview too. You would be surprised how many candidates walk into an interview unprepared, giving you a competitive advantage to stand out by knowing about the company, its products and competitors in depth. A company’s website, LinkedIn page and recent news stories are great places to start finding information. Also study the job description to get a feel for how your competencies are a fit for the position.

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