Don’t compete. Create.

“If you do what everyone else does, and you do it better than everybody else, you get a tiny competitive advantage.


But if you do something no one else is doing in your space and focus on offering overwhelming value, if you create a blue ocean, you get a gigantic advantage.”

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Working harder than everyone else, and offering superb customer service, will undoubtedly eventually result in increased market share. 


However, if you really want to make a monumental impact and see double digit growth happen at an explosive rate, the fastest way to do that, is by offering something different than your competitors.  


There are many ways that you can see this theory put into action. 


A local hospital just offered valet parking for their maternity wing, and pregnant women across the city have starting calling doctors to find out who practices out of this specific hospital, because they all loved the idea of having valet parking.   


Companies that  offer a new service, invent a new technology, or a new device, see dramatic increases in their sales and enjoy sales gains that are virtually non existent in any other scenario. 


Rather than focusing on competing head to head, shift your focus to creating something NEW. 


What can you do or offer that is different than all of your competitors?  


Companies that enjoy rapid growth, often times have critical hiring needs to accompany those sales gain. 


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