Do you know the #1 reason why people quit a new job their first year ?

Why  People Quit In Their First Year of Employment ISC JOBS Can Help!

When hiring, ensuring that the new hire is a good fit in terms of your company’s culture is extremely important in terms of increasing your chances of making a long term, successful placement.

70% of Candidates that leave their position within the first year, list Cultural Mis-Match as the #1 reason that they walk away.

Pay attention to Cultural Fit

The best way to predict if someone will be a good Culture Fit is to identify Candidates who match your organization’s “Sweet Spot” for performance and retention. A depiction I use comes from Mikey Maynard, the world’s leading practitioner of The Predictive Index®, which he shows as overlapping talent suitabilities (Figure 1). In this view, the “Sweet Spot” would be the point of overlap of all the talent attributes the employee brings to work.


employee retention strategies


If you have a team of racehorses, and put in a turtle, not only is that going to cause frustration on the part of your high performing racehorses, but you also run the risk of having them take on some of the less desirable traits of the turtle, not to mention the very real possibility that the turtle will back away from the job ….slowly. Pun intended.

Creating a team of people who have performance-related innate motivators, can yield tremendous synergy.

All behavior is motivated; but employees’ behavior is not motivated by what you want – it’s all about what THEY need. The good news is, Human Behavioral experts have developed behavioral analytics and problem-solving tests which can dramatically assist hiring managers to make the best hiring decisions, that will yield the highest probability of success.

Being able to identify  INTRINSIC MOTIVATORS  and actively make hiring decisions based in part on that data, can substantially increase the number of long term successful hires that you make.

Being able to identify intrinsic motivators, in other words the science of ‘what makes people tick’ is an exciting field, for the value in lowering hiring & attrition costs in all areas, from initial candidate search all the way through lost production time, ramp up periods, company morale, etc. etc. cannot be over-emphasized.

There are many different options available these days to help evaluate potential Candidates. It makes sense to take advantage of all the tools available in order to substantially increase the odds of success.

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