Do This Before Hiring

Ready to hire a new salesperson or salespeople for your team?


I know, there can be a certain air of excitement surrounding hiring. Bringing in fresh thinking and the possibility of creating a new leader within your organization are always potential outcomes with new hires. However, as you’re likely already familiar with, hiring can also be stressful, especially when you realize you’ve made a mistake with the person you chose to bring on board.


Often, this can be remedied by inserting a simple step before jumping into a new phase of hiring.


What is this step?


Know what you’re looking for prior to interviewing new candidates.

It’s so common for sales leaders across virtually every industry to spend hours sorting through resumes, booking interview times, and conducting said interviews but they also put almost no time or thinking into what they actually need on their team.


You need to take the time to truly identify the behaviors and activities that historically have brought sales success with other sales reps on your team in the past.


Don’t rely fully on your own thinking though. Take a look at past results, speak with members of your team, speak to other areas of your organization and get a real sense of what’s really needed on your sales team.


Only once you do this, can you be fully prepared to begin hiring new members to join your team.

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