Diversity and Inclusion: Tips for Gaining Support for Nontraditional Hires

Is your organization considering a workforce development program for nontraditional job candidates, yet unsure where to start?

Or maybe you lead diversity and inclusion efforts and are having difficulty helping hiring managers and business leaders understand that a strong focus on pedigree hiring can be detrimental to your company’s goals.

Pedigree hiring means to heavily favor those with impressive academic and work credentials and gap-free resumes. But it’s a problem if it blocks opportunities for nontraditional candidates with high potential.


Pedigree hiring may cause companies to overlook great talent for unfilled job roles, while also sabotaging their efforts to improve diversity and inclusion.

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For even companies with the very best of intentions, there are bound to be stumbling blocks in the journey for diversity.


Learn how to expand your candidate pool by re-thinking mandatory requirements.