Council Post: Why Purpose Is Crucial For Organizations In 2020

Early in a new year, it’s natural to take some time to think critically about our existing teams, processes, tools and more. HR professionals are no different — we’re looking at how we can do better and searching for ways to deliver more value to our people and our organizations.


One of the biggest priorities on everyone’s minds is understanding how to navigate change. Given that disruption is now constant in business, it’s vital to think beyond short-term trends and stay cognizant of how our teams can thrive over the long haul.


With these concerns in mind, there is one element that HR and business leaders need to put front and center: purpose.


When viewed through the right lens, purpose offers practical benefits for any organization. In fact, a recent white paper from the Harvard Business Review and EY demonstrated that companies that prioritized purpose were more profitable than those that didn’t.


The fact of the matter is that focusing on purpose helps us build better businesses and is invaluable for solving many of our biggest challenges.

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