Council Post: How To Write A Killer Executive Bio

Picture this.


A recruiter calls you and asks for your executive bio.


You aren’t actively looking, but the desire to move on has been nagging at you. Plus, the role sounds intriguing.


Unfortunately, no such executive bio exists.


Time is ticking, so you quickly download a template from the internet, fill in the blanks and send it to the recruiter. Fingers crossed it’s good enough.


No callback.


We’ve all been there; maybe it wasn’t good enough after all?

You pore over said templated executive bio and recognize its cookie-cutter existence. Nothing unique or compelling passed go.

And then it hits you: You can do better, simply by crafting an executive biography for yourself, by yourself — precisely what I’ll cover in this article.


But first, I want to address a question I’m asked frequently, because the answer will aid in your writing process. How does an executive bio differ from a résumé or LinkedIn profile summary? I’ll answer by defining all three within the context of the executive job search.

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