Council Post: Barely Getting Any Interviews? Two Methods You May Not Be Leveraging

Companies are getting hundreds of applications for each job and sometimes don’t have the capacity to keep up with candidates. The old-school ways of recruiters and hiring managers taking time to read your resume are over.

Nowadays, two other methods are proving more effective in hiring quality candidates. If you aren’t keeping them in mind, you probably aren’t getting traction in your job search.


Applicant Tracking Systems

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Applicant tracking system (ATS) software is now automating the job screening process by screening candidates for job positions. The ATS looks for keywords that convey two main things: key qualifications and key (technical and non-technical) skills.


To find all the keywords needed for the ATS and start landing interviews:


1. Learn more about the ATS process. In the past year, I had more than 1,500 calls with job seekers, and about 80% of them had problems with getting interviews, all due to the ATS.

LinkedIn can be a great tool to learn what keywords are needed for the ATS. Let’s say you are looking for a project management position on LinkedIn. With the premium job seeker edition as a feature, when you scroll down the job description, it will show you the top 10 skills, what you have, and what you are missing.

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