Corporates Today Are Recognizing the Benefits of a Multi-Talented Workforce

The need for recruiting a diverse workforce and forging an environment that promotes inclusion is no longer the elephant in the room. Corporations around the world are making special efforts to make their organizations places where talented employees from all walks of lives and cultures find acceptance and appreciation. The need for creating inclusive workplaces is today propelled not just by social and moral responsibility but also by the realization that diversity brings long-term benefits. Opening your arms to a wide talent pool brings benefits that often traditional recruiters fail to comprehend.

An anecdote here might help to drive home the point.

A senior marketing manager interviewing fresher candidates for a sales opening once gave his interviewees a few sheets of paper and asked them about ideas on how to sell them. While someone made a notebook out of them, another turned them into toy boats. One of the candidates who was a formidable athlete during student days pulled out the idea of converting those sheets into a sporty activity book for children by creating interesting puzzles and crossword games! The marketing manager was sold out for the last candidate despite the fact that he had an unremarkable academic career with no other field experience.

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