Company Culture: 5 Traits of Top-Rated Workplaces

Build a stronger company culture" may be on your strategic goals list for the coming year, but how do you translate that vague-sounding objective into action? What does "company culture" consist of, and how can you strengthen it? Improving your employer brand is not complex, but it does entail more than adding a ping-pong table and weekly boxes of donuts. In today’s networked environment, it’s possible to examine companies that have excelled in this effort — the places where everyone wants to work — and find out what their special sauce consists of. Among the following five characteristics that A-list employers share, you’ll undoubtedly find some actionable solutions that you can easily adapt to your own organization.

1. They treat their workers like adults

Do you feel like you have to watch the clock to make sure your employees don’t spend too long on break? If so, imagine for a minute what it would be like to discard time clocks altogether or offer unlimited vacation days, as some high-producing companies now do. Netflix has become one of the hottest places to work, according to personal branding expert William Arruda, and that’s partly due to the fact that they track performance instead of hours. Arruda writes that "asking people to take on the responsibility of policing themselves has helped Netflix attract and recruit ‘fully formed adults’ who are self-sufficient." More and more companies are now shifting to unlimited vacation days, and the outcome has consistently been a boost in productivity.

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