Career Confidence And The Path To Leadership

Whilst it might sometimes appear that we have come a long way in progressing gender equality, the World Economic Forum has estimated that we are still 108 years short of closing the gender gap, and 202 of achieving gender parity in the workplace. This timeline is not acceptable.


New research by My Confidence Matters into workplace confidence, training and career development, Getting to Equal: Career Confidence And The Path To Leadership, supports the premise that whilst women have plenty of ambition to progress into more senior roles, significant barriers still exist. Responses by nearly 2,500 men and women, analysed by Dr Geraldine Perriam, Honorary Research Associate at the University of Glasgow, show that 85 per cent of women surveyed aspire to senior roles and yet 79 per cent of them regularly lack confidence at work. (Figures for the smaller number of men who responded to the survey were 10-15 per cent lower.)


In order to dismantle the persistent barriers to women’s progression, today’s leaders carry a collective responsibility to upgrade our workplace structures for the modern era, update leadership styles and do more to encourage and support newly emerging women leaders in particular.

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