Career Coaches Weigh In: Improving the Hiring Process During COVID-19

Companies—and individuals—are in survival mode right now, facing difficult decisions amid COVID-19 restrictions. Companies are making moves to insulate their businesses from the pandemic’s effects. However, layoffs have already become unavoidable for some industries, while others are in full hiring mode.


When Glassdoor released its 2020 Best Places to Work list in December of last year, the world was a much different place. The unemployment rate was historically low, there were more job openings in the market than qualified candidates, and the war for talent was at an all-time high—in other words, COVID-19 had yet to hit the United States.


Now, companies are met with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to demonstrate what their company values are really made of and that they stand by their words—through the good times and the bad.

What Current Jobseekers Are Experiencing

With the current pandemic, it’s important to look at the job market from all perspectives, which includes candidates in the midst of job searching. What are they seeing as they search? What unique challenges take place when interviewing remotely?


We asked some of the candidates we work with to share their unique view on jobseekers during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s their take on what candidates are currently experiencing.


Have you had to change the answers and advice you give to candidates because of the change in the economy and public health measures (social distancing, stay at home, etc.)?


“The hiring process can take longer at some companies at this time, but it’s important for job candidates to stay positive and patient, continuing to show their interest in the company and in the position that they seek,” said coach Lisa. “Right now, I’m coaching a job candidate who’s in the second round of interviews with three different companies. The processes are moving more slowly but are clearly progressing.”


What are your tips for helping a candidate stand out in today’s job search reality? 


“Things are more challenging right now, but there are many companies that are still hiring,” said coach Natalie. “In fact, one of our job candidates just took a position as VP of HR. He began work on April 6 via a telecommute arrangement through the end of the month. Then, he’ll live in an apartment in Los Angeles during the week, returning home on weekends. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.”

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