Building a Strong Recruiting Partnership Infographic

I hope you enjoy this Recruiting Infographic, which breaks down the 4 very important steps that are required to create a successful recruiting partnership.

In Step 1, we talk about how vital communicating is, between the hiring manager and your recruiting partners. Open, clear conversations are key to success in any partnership. If you want the very best and most productive hiring partnership possible, following this step by step hiring infographic should be helpful.

For Step 2, we address  the critical point of creating momentum. As in any evolving human relationship, timing is critical. If one company is whisking a candidate through their interview process, and one is dragging their feet, obviously the candidate is going to have very different perceptions  to how much they are desired. People want to work for people that like, and want them. 

In Step 3, we address the crucial topic of creating collaboration. It is imperative that the hiring manager shares his or her detailed feedback on each candidate presented and interviewed,  in order to allow the recruiter to continually refine their profile of the ideal candidate. Without detailed, specific feedback, the search will not produce ideal results.

And finally in Step 4, we talk about the most important factor of all...timely feedback. If it takes days to get feedback, the recruiters may have invested tremendous amounts of time wasted on looking for the wrong candidates. With prompt feedback, we can quickly change gears to incorporate the added information and not waste valuable time and resources. From the candidates perception, without speedy feedback with an invitation to return to continue the interview process, you run the risk of having the candidate assume that the company is not interested, simply  because they have not heard back. It is important to remember that while the company may be interviewing dozens if not more candidates, for the candidate, changing jobs is one of the most stressful activities a person can do, and they are anxious to hear feedback.  Recruiting Partnership Infographic