Better Together: Rebalancing Technology And Human Work

Change is inevitable. Much of the state of our current environment is like the process of preparing scrambled eggs: We first take the egg and crack it open and allow the contents of the shell to flow into a bowl of some sort. Let’s say decentralized systems and new technologies represent the thin and thick egg white, and established systems and core processes represent the yolk. The yolk flows to the middle of bowl, and the egg white remains on the outer edge, surrounding the yolk. Now, we take a whisk and begin swirling it around and around the outside areas, beginning a strong, circular rotation of the white. Sooner or later, the yolk will be affected by this motion and become engulfed in the spinning vibrations and energies of the egg white. It’s not a matter of if in most cases; it’s a matter of when.

The question for organizations should shift from "What will technology do to us?" to "How will we embrace technology in the workplace for new wins?" I think often of the quote by Eric Raymond: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” In one sense, this can be interpreted to mean that all problems get easier to solve as both the volume and diversity of potential solvers go up. The correct solution going forward for many organizations is a rebalancing act that steers us to integrate the multi-efficient solutions of the crowd with the core, machines with minds and products with platforms.

PwC has captured much of this momentum in its consumer intelligence series, “Tech at Work.” The report includes a very promising finding: 73% of survey respondents are aware of systems that could help them produce higher quality work

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