At Least 85%* are Not Self-Aware

Dangers of self-blindness:

If you don’t see yourself, you can’t understand your impact on others.

You think your nice, but you’re actually a bully.

You struggle to understand another’s perspective.

Everything is a competition.

You unintentionally put people on the defensive.

You aren’t the problem, others are.

People seem to have over-the-top reactions to things you say.

You struggle to enjoy achievements and honor the achievements of others.

How to develop self-awareness. Ask “what” not “why”.


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One of the most interesting things in human behavior to me is the discrepancy between how people view  themselves, and the reality of how others view them. 


The fact is, studies show that a startling 85% of people are totally oblivious to how others perceive them. 


There is real danger in self-blindness, in really all areas of our lives. 


In business, if you are looking to achieve specific objectives, and your team is reacting to behaviors that you are not even aware you are exhibiting,  that can be a real problem. 


It can be extremely beneficial to give some thought to just how self -aware you truly are, and how to develop self -awareness. 


How much of a gap do you believe there honestly  is between how you see yourself, and how others see you?