Aim Higher: Creating a Great Culture with Patty McCord

What do you get when you combine radical honesty with grace? You get the chance to create a powerful culture for your company and a successful career track for your employees.


That’s the theory behind the career of my guest on this week’s “Aim Higher” podcast, Patty McCord. She was with Netflix when it was a start-up as its Chief Talent Officer and helped create their now famous “Freedom and Responsibility” PowerPoint deck. That deck was a fairly massive set of slides that Netflix published, openly, on the web in order to let people know, “This is what we value here, and this is how we reward it.” As she tells me, it was a short-cut to finding great employees. You could read the deck and get a real feel for whether or not Netflix was a place you’d fit in. If it wasn’t? You weren’t going to show up for an interview… which saves everyone a whole lot of time. That’s radical honesty—and grace—right there.


We got the chance to talk through a number of important, and often difficult, subjects ranging from leadership to growth to recruiting to compensation. But the one that really got me thinking was this simple yet hard-hitting nugget:


“Happy employees is not a goal.”

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