AI Technology is a Requirement in new Finance Jobs

Recent studies show that the above requirements, for this set of skills, has increased exponentially over the last year.
Financial institutions and Fintech start-ups are recruiting individuals who specialize in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, machine learning and data science

This shows that the finance industry has set its scope on AI technology and they are creating new jobs to bring these two together.


According to the senior economist of Glassdoor, a job finding and review company, Daniel Zhao,


"Some of the most common job openings in AI and finance are for machine learning engineers and data engineers, among other highly specialized software engineering roles."


According to Zhao, the industry is looking for individuals that can help navigate the AI landscape, including consultant and researchers. This is the reason why more and more senior candidates are being employed, to lead new teams.


Job functions like computer science, computer engineering, chatbox copywriters, product strategist and technical sales reps are also rooted and in high demand according to Zhao. A higher level of skill in the areas of business or communication is maybe more applicable to these roles.


For engineering professionals, the opportunities within the finance space are continuously expanding but for individuals who have no STEM education – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – the ability to learn AI will be crucial across a larger set of job functions. Nowadays though, there are numerous courses online and universities that assist in learning AI and machine learning skills that can enhance these individual’s careers.

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