Ace FaceTime: how to impress in a webcam interview

Video interviews are increasingly popular among employers. According to a survey by the Institute of Student Employers, 49% of graduate employers now use them, up from just 6% in 2012.

BT is looking into new technology that can allow grad scheme applicants to do the entire interview process from their phones. “We have significantly high volumes of applicants, so we had to think of better, easier and faster ways to communicate,” says a spokesperson.

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Without having to hold physical interviews, which are expensive to run, recruiters are able to widen the pool and give candidates that may not otherwise be pulled in for interview the chance to impress.

But this also makes it one of the most competitive stages. “They are becoming increasingly popular and used as a way to help filter the potentially vast number of applicants,” says James Catchpole, director of the legal practice course at City University.

The format can vary. Some are live conversations via Skype or FaceTime. Most have a question pop up on screen with a minute to prepare an answer and another 60 seconds to respond before it’s on to the next one.

So how should you approach it? We spoke to recruiters, careers advisors and people who have made it through the process to get some handy tips.

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