Accountability as an Energy-Giving Experience

Be accountable if you want to hold others accountable.

Think of accountability as having someone in the boat with you.

Who rows with you?

Shout your goals from the rooftop. Secrets protect. Accountability requires transparency. Your team should know if you’re developing the skill of dealing with tough situations, for example.

Who knows your growth and performance goals?

Seek feedback.


You make yourself accountable when you ask others to tell you what they see.


Ask behavior-based questions about specific objectives.


“I’m working on bringing up tough situations in a more timely way.


What do you see me doing?  How might I improve?”

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Truth…..your team will only produce what you expect and hold them accountable to produce. 


FACT….holding people accountable is the single most important skill that a manager can have, and it is undoubtedly the single biggest weakness that managers self report as being the thing that they struggle with the most.  


TAKE AWAY….learning how to have POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE meetings, where you can hold your team accountable and HELP THEM ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS is the single most empowering thing you can do as a leader.