About International Search Consultants

ISC President Ann Zaslow-Rethaber and her team of tenured international executive recruiting professionals are experts in saving clients time and frustration by finding them the most qualified candidates to fill their high-volume critical fill positions in an efficient manner.

We believe in sharing our success

We are very proud of the fact that we donate a significant portion of our revenues to charities such as The Caitlin Robb Pediatric Cancer Fund, supported by Shriner’s Hospital for Children, as well as KIVA…( www.kiva.org) loans that change lives..  By choosing ISC for your national and international high-volume recruiting needs, you help us to help others and we are very appreciative of that.  

  • Since 1999, we at ISC have built a comprehensive domestic, as well as international, network that allows us to recruit the top 20% of the leading executives in our 5 primary areas of focus. In many cases, our team of seasoned recruiters have existing relationships with professionals who work for your direct competitors that we are able to deliver to your interview table.
  • Our unique business model, which focuses on team effort, allows us to handle your high-volume needs, with easy tracking for you.
Our superior level of customer service makes you feel like a Superstar
  • We believe in giving our clients the five-star treatment – from start to finish.
  • It is our top-notch service, making recruiting easier for our clients, which sets us apart from our competitors. With ISC, we take care of all the recruiting details so you don’t have to. You just choose the best candidate for your company. We find that once a client uses ISC for the first time, they stay with us because they know they are getting the best of the best – candidates and service.
  • We also provide ongoing information to keep our clients abreast of current human resource trends as well as strategies to assist them with candidate selection, getting new hires up and running and keeping them motivated throughout the year.

We are extremely proud of our tight 3-to-1 Presentation-To-Hire ratio – meaning that we only present candidates that match the client’s profile.

We know your time is valuable, and do not waste it with candidates who do not fit the profile.

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National and International Search Firm

What Makes Us Different

The Search Process imageTypically, when a company has massive hiring needs, they utilize multiple recruiting agencies to achieve high volume hiring needs. As a result, there are more candidate tracking responsibilities on the side of the client company, as well as the repetition involved in reviewing job profiles and hiring protocols multiple times, with each different agency.

With ISC, you make one point of contact, and we assign multiple teams to your needs. Our business model is one of a TEAM EFFORT.

This enables us to BLITZ a market, and offer tremendous volume, in a relatively short amount of time. With ISC, your tracking will be substantially easier and less time is required of you. Moreover, we at ISC are extremely efficient and only present the best candidates for each position. Our average ratio is three presentations for one hire because you only interview Qualified Candidates. It simply comes down to deciding which candidate is the best fit for your company.

 Why Our Clients Love Us

Within our unique business model, we have recruiters that focus on specific types of positions, such as Finance, Sales, etc. This allows us to truly be able to handle ALL of our Clients critical fill positions, with one point of contact.

One of the things that we consistently hear from our Clients is that they love the fact that with one call, we can truly handle ALL of their staffing needs.

Just about everyone we work with has strong internal recruiting teams.  We supplement those efforts. We follow the rules of HR!

Our strengths include:

  • Proven Track Record in the Executive Search industry since 1999
  • One Point of Contact
  • Ability to assign Multiple Teams working Multiple Searches at the same time
  • Weekly Activity Reports drastically reduced time commitment from your HR Department
  • No Internal Tracking is required since there is no need for multiple recruiting agencies
  • Success in filling Difficult-To-Fill Positions in a timely manner
  • Established Relationships in multiple industries to recruit top candidates
  • High level of Customer Service with minimum time from client required
  • 3-to-1 Presentation To Hire Ratios (for every 3 qualified candidates that are presented, 1 is typically hired)
  • On-going information provided on Hiring and Retention Strategies

We are experts in the field of high-volume national and international executive-level recruiting.