A New Look at Diversity in the Workplace for 2020

Diversity in the workplace continues to be an important topic. In many countries, companies are examining their hiring practices, work cultures and attitudes to create inclusive workplaces with equality of opportunity and treatment.


Focusing on having an inclusive and diverse workplace doesn’t just make you a great human being. It can also help your business thrive. 

Despite the evidence that embracing workplace diversity leads to better business performance, executing the strategy remains as much of a challenge as it was when we last explored this topic.

In this guide, we look at what’s changed recently, and why diversity in the workplace remains a worthwhile goal.


Top Trends for Diversity in the Workplace in 2020

When thinking about the challenges of managing diversity in the workplace, consider some of the key areas that affect employees’ experiences. In this section we’ll look at recent diversity facts and statistics related to gender, job benefits, inclusion, age, disability, representation, and corporate governance.

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