8 Easy Ways to Implement Your Core Values

How does growing your business 20% sound to you? How does it sound to do that consistently every year? Over the years, one of the things I’ve discovered in working with companies large and small is that organizations that exemplify sustained superior performance have a remarkable culture. In my last blog, we discussed how identifying and defining your company’s core values is at the heart of company culture. But, if you do not plan your core values, they will develop anyway, the results of which can be devastating. Today, let’s discuss eight practical ways to implement your core values into your organization.

Implementing Your Core Values

It takes discipline and diligence to create a culture. You must instill your core values in everything you do, every day, and in every way. The number one reason core values do not get ingrained in many businesses is that most senior executives do not live them. If the top three executives (e.g., CEO, COO, and CFO) are not role models, expect that the rest of the employees will not consistently exhibit the company’s stated core values.

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