7 Ways to Find Your Highest Point of Clarity during Uncertainty

Clarity in turbulence and disruption:

You always go with your highest point of clarity when making decisions.

In turbulence, there’s more fog. You always have multiple options, but options seem less certain when fog rolls in and you can’t see the shore.

The point of clarity is lower in turbulence.

During normal days you move forward when your point of clarity reaches a 7 out of 10, for example.

During disruption your point of clarity might only reach a 5 out of 10, but it’s your highest point of clarity. Go with it.


Confusion contaminates clarity.

Don’t let what you don’t know obscure what you know. Confusion in one area has the power to make everything seem confusing.

Confusion invites defensiveness and stagnation.

You always have points of clarity. Your mission to serve others is clear, for example.

7 ways to find your highest point of clarity:

#1. Reconnect with purpose and mission.

Don’t let the small picture overshadow the big picture. The question is how, not if, you live your mission.

#2. Find clarity as you go, not before you go.

Do something as long as you’re reasonably certain it won’t cause harm.

Progress during uncertainty is stumbling forward and bandaging your knee.

Action simplifies complexity.

Learning what doesn’t work is unglamorous, but necessary in the fog.

#3. Try short-term solutions.

Inaction won’t create the future you desire.

“Just for today,” or “Just for this week,” lets try….

#4. Avoid big experiments with scarce resources.

#5. Bring in outside voices to expand your approach and encourage your team.

#6. Stay open.

Choose agility over self-insulating inflexibility.

#7. Avoid decisions that lock you into long-term obligations.

How might leaders find their highest point of clarity?

What’s dangerous about going with your highest point of clarity?

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