7 Ways Outstanding Leaders Do Things Differently

If you stop to look around,  it’s not hard to find examples of CEOs, middle managers, elected officials, public servants, neighborhood watch organizers, team captains and coaches, teachers and countless others who are doing a good job as leaders. Most of us are either in that group or working toward it.

Much rarer are the exceptional leaders whose qualities truly shine, the ones who practice the kind of leadership we all aspire to.

In my years of leadership consulting, I’ve learned that most of what makes outstanding leaders outstanding lies not in the things they do but who they are when they take action.

Here are seven of the most important:

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Yet another terrific list of what has been proven time and time again, that there are very specific behaviors that GREAT LEADERS do, that sets them apart from the rest.  


Exceptional leaders consistently do 7 very distinct things, that research shows has a clear correlation between these actions, and having teams that outperform others with leaders that do not follow these 7 primary principals of management.