7 Questions That Lower Resistance to Negative Feedback

Gut check:

If we open our hearts at all, it’s to people who care. If you don’t care, walls go up. 

Are you fully committed to the best interests of feedback recipients? Or do you have an ax to grind?

If you’re trying to be useful, press forward.


But if self-interest motivates you, forget about it. You’re the issue.

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7 EXCELLENT responses when giving negative feedback to someone that is not open to hearing it. 


If someone is worth developing, they are worth your time in sharing with them your insights into what they need to do to improve.


Becoming comfortable with sharing and receiving feedback  is an essential skill if you are going to grow and develop your team, as well as yourself as a manager.   


These responses are something that can be role played and shared in a team meeting, where upper management can help field managers improve their coaching skills.


I do believe for skills like this, in addition to reading them, it really takes live role playing to become proficient, because we all know that  only when you are genuinely comfortable with the verbiage,  will you start to employ it on a regular basis.