7 Interview Questions to Screen Toxic Employees – Spark Hire

You hire a candidate who seems perfect on paper and who seemed friendly in the interview. But after a few weeks on the job, they’re not working out. They don’t work well with the team, they gossip, and are arrogant. They’re a toxic employee, and they’re poisoning your team.

Hiring a toxic employee is more costly than you think. A study conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand found that good employees are 54 percent more likely to quit when they work with a toxic employee. Considering that toxic employees can cost you some of your best workers, the study estimated that hiring a single toxic employee costs about $12,800, compared with the average hiring cost of $4,000.

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We always encourage our Clients to take advantage of some of the amazing personality testing options available these days, which allows you to consciously match your best employees characteristics, while also veering away from your worst hires.


With that said, even the best of these tools still cannot definitively warn you away from toxic employees, who range from true sociopaths to your every day negative, ‘energy vampires’.


The impetus than falls on the hiring manager, to learn some good questions to ask during the interview process, which will shed light on your prospective employees innate characteristics. Take a quick read to learn 7 excellent questions that should help determine if you are sitting across from someone that will increase the enthusiasm and activity levels for your team, or suck them dry.


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