7 “Innocent” Habits Of Failing Sales Directors – MTD Sales Training

Sales Directors and Sales Managers rarely get to their positions simply through loyalty or length of time served.

They’ve most likely been in the sales world themselves and been an excellent sales person.

But this doesn’t mean they will necessarily make it as a manager or director of business.

Indeed, there are many people who direct or manage sales, and they are simply in the wrong position.

The Peter Principle, originated by Laurence J. Peter, a Canadian educator, states that employees rise through the ranks via promotion until they reach a level of incompetence.

This doesn’t mean that every person who becomes a sales director will not be competent at the role, but it does mean they have to realise the role involves several different tasks and responsibilities that they hadn’t mastered before taking on the position.

I’ve noticed there are some habits displayed by Sales Directors that can have a negative effect on results and the morale of the team.

These aren’t carried out on purpose; in fact, most of the ones listed here are innocent in nature, mainly because they fail to see the enduring results of these habits.

Take a look and see if you recognise some of them:

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Thought provoking article which lists 7 very common habits of poor sales managers.


Can you guess what they are, and more importantly, are you guilty of them yourself?