6 Ways to Use a Whiteboard to Track Team Activity and Boost Your Business


With current growth projections among the leading companies in the U.S. becoming increasingly optimistic, developing  innovative strategies that keep employees motivated and productive has become imperative in order to be competitive.

In today’s candidate driven market, it is essential for a company’s long-term health to be able to not only attract top talent when they have a hiring need, but it is equally important to pay close attention to attrition rates.

By fostering an environment of success, where numbers are tracked and efforts are rewarded, your sales team will make money, and you will be well positioned to attract and retain the best and brightest talent.

Tracking individual sales numbers and reporting them to the team is the single most influential task that you can do as a manager to increase the odds of success for your team.

There must be clear set weekly goals in order to know what to strive for.

Savvy managers have used a white board in the office for years. Ask any experienced sales pro and they will likely share a story about the adrenaline rush of ringing the bell on a big sale at the team whiteboard.

As with most things, even the tried and true whiteboard has recently been upgraded thanks to technology, and virtual based companies are now employing an interactive whiteboard to track activity, create synergy, and increase productivity.

Here are some ways you can make the most of this staple in sales management, in its cutting edge form, to ensure your team will meet and exceed all sales goals!

1.     Interactive and Engaging Brainstorming Sessions

Using a whiteboard as opposed to a conventional flat panel display is one of the best ways of increasing interactivity and engagement.

By tracking your team’s metrics, broken down to all the various components that go into making a sale, you will see increases across the board.

You should always start off by discussing business metrics, and have everyone announce their own numbers for the week. While going over everyone’s numbers, be sure to encourage dialogue on why something fell apart, or how a presentation went south, etc. These types of discussions create synergy within your team.  As long as spontaneous discussion is encouraged, these types of conversations often lead to business breakthroughs  in terms of improving the process, which would otherwise remain undiscovered.

As everyone gets a chance to voice their input and have it drafted on the board in real-time, the business meeting will produce productive and effective results that lead to long-term company growth.

2.     Implement Everyone’s Feedback Along the Way

To make the most of whiteboard activity, take every employee’s feedback into account. While regular meetings fail to keep track of each opinion and each bit of constructive criticism offered along the way, a meeting with whiteboard activity is more likely to track all attendees input, since it is written down, thereby enriching the meeting experience.

Not only will your company benefit from valuable employee insights  and expertise, but your workforce will also feel valued and heard. With everyone’s thoughts considered and actively discussed in the meeting, your organization will build a strong sense of community in the organization.

3.     Enhance Employee Learning

Office whiteboard activity is a great way of enhancing employee learning without making the session feel like a rigorous college lecture! The interactivity will make things fun for your employees without taking away the element of learning.

Over time, your employees will actively look forward to the meeting and will take away a lot of essential insights  that solidifies the brand in the long run.

4.     Strike the Perfect Balance Between Performance and Motivation

Whiteboard activity is an essential way of discussing key business elements—including revenue, quality, and production—while keeping employee motivation intact.

Evaluating progress by highlighting company successes over the years not only ensures that all employees feel a sense of personal pride, the interactivity and inclusion of feedback in meetings will increase employee satisfaction and motivation.


5.     Set Clear Goals

One of the best ways of utilizing a whiteboard during a team meeting is discussing clear goals. Unlike a regular flat panel display, a whiteboard will delineate goals while leaving room for erasing, writing, re-writing, and then some.

By actively tweaking goals based on real-time input, you’ll end up with a set of clear, customized, and hyper-focused goals that will ultimately help your company achieve the success it envisions.

6.     Focus on Enriching Company Values and Culture for Employee Satisfaction

Confused about what else should go on your company whiteboard for a successful meeting?  Company values and culture.  Every single organization has a culture, regardless of whether  they consciously created it, or if it just happened organically. Culture is one of the most important components of a business.  It is imperative to have a clear-cut Mission Statement and a clearly thought out vision in terms of your companies’ culture.

If you do not already have a clear, concise mission statement, and if your management team would not all describe your culture the same way, it is time to make that a priority. An entire meeting should be dedicated to each of these two critically important topics.

Discuss values and culture in a subjective and engaging manner that makes employees feel personally heard and valued. Whiteboard activity is a perfect way to achieve this, as employees can watch their feedback being implemented into the meeting instead of being noted mentally, only to be dismissed later.

We also recommend giving your employees a chance to make their own changes on the board. Ultimately, the meeting should conclude with a clear set of agendas regarding company values and culture.

In addition to implementing whiteboard activity into your company meetings, there are other steps you need to take concurrently to ensure viable business growth and success.

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