6 Ways I’ve Learned To Stand Out To Online Recruiters After Several Decades In The Workplace

Every generation has a problem with the next generation of music — for the most part. Ongoing arguments still exist about which type of music is the best. To me, like waxing an old Camaro makes it shine, new technology makes the music I like brand new.

Nobody’s opinion is right. No championship belt exists. The debate is always worth hashing out, as it helps us connect with others. And in my family, it brings about lively discussions.  

My sons, who are 25 and 22, appreciate my “old” music. However, when they were growing up, they couldn’t wait to listen to their music. They were also like me: As grown-ups, they appreciate the music they heard as teens. My youngest buy vinyl records, and he practices guitar using the older songs. His first purchases were “Pet Sounds” by the Beach Boys, “White Album” by the Beatles, and “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac. He made them on his own and without my encouragement. 

One thing they would always joke about: My music was old, therefore I was old. It was playfully antagonistic. Even as they appreciated what I listened to, it wasn’t their first or second choice. 

Similarly, there are ways older workers present themselves to online employers and recruiters consider as “too old.” There are some things you can do online that will attract employers, entice recruiters, and intrigue referrers. 

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