6 Steps for Recruiting Top Sales Talent

In 2020, companies in virtually every industry had to turn their sales strategies on their heads. Account executives accustomed to wining and dining clients had to find new ways to build rapport virtually. Sales managers had to learn how to motivate and manage their teams remotely. Companies had to figure out how to educate prospective customers earlier in the buying process.

It’s easy to see why the tumult of 2020 complicated the already challenging task of setting sales priorities and goals for 2021. While sales forecasting always comes with some level of educated assumptions, 2021 holds more unknown variables than most years in recent history. Consequently, executives are left wondering how long the pandemic will last, how their sales will be impacted, and when business will go back to normal (or something resembling it).

The Key Ingredients to a Strong Sales Team

The importance of leadership in sales and having a strong team can’t be overstated. Every team member has to be aligned and working toward your company’s success. On top of that, they all must be adaptable enough to pivot their strategies and processes and engaged enough to learn new skills and technologies.

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