6 Signs to Instantly Identify Someone With True Leadership Skills

What are the defining attributes of great leaders? That’s the age-old question thought leaders and scholars galore have been attempting to answer in mountains of books and literature. 


While great leadership, to an extent, can be personal and subjective to the follower, there are universal principles you can’t argue with (but you can try). Speaking of those thought leaders and scholars, here are six traits that keep surfacing over and over again in the leadership literature and best-sellers.

1. They challenge their own assumptions.

Great leaders may be smart and know a lot, but they are humble enough to recognize there are smarter people in the room that they can learn from. They don’t restrict themselves from opinions and input outside of their own. They surround themselves with diverse perspectives to help them answer questions like, “How do I know my decision is the right one?” or “Is there a better course of action here?”

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Interviewing Manager Candidates is without a doubt the most important job any high level executive can do. 


How can you determine if someone truly has stellar leadership capabilities, and the skills needed to take your company to the next level?


Thanks to human behavior analysts, we have some solid indicators that if you pay attention, can give you some insights into a candidates strengths, and weakness.


Can you guess which 6 signs indicate a persons leadership abilities?